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The Friends is administered by its Executive Committee. The committee has been operating by email during the closure.


The last Autumn Luncheon 2019 took place on 17th November at the New House Hotel, Thornhill, Cardiff. Because of coronavirus restrictions, no Autumn Luncheon has been arranged for 2020 or 2021. It is hoped that if possible a luncheon can be held in the spring of 2022.


Because of coronavirus restrictions there was no Annual Festival of the Friends in 2020. A short formal Annual General Meeting took place on Sunday 18th October at St John’s church. The same arrangements will be in place for 2021, and a short formal meeting will be held after morning service on Sunday 24th October. Members already there for morning worship will be able to remain present. Other members are advised not to attend and to vote by post or email using proxy forms.

The minutes of the 2020 Annual General Meeting are available here: AGM 2020 – Minutes


No dates or events have been scheduled yet for 2021, and it is unlikely that any will be possible. The church was temporarily closed in March 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak. It reopened for Sunday worship at the end of September, and again near the end of October, but each time had to close again a few weeks later. It finally opened for Sunday worship at Easter 2021 and remains open on Sundays subject to restrictions. It has not been possible to re-open the church on weekdays yet. Subject to easing of restrictions, it is hoped that some additional opening will be possible over Christmas.